IHE Display Consistency

Image Displays, Image Composers/Modalities, and Print Composers need DICOMscope

For windows environments, you can run the Windows installer and run directly. For Unix systems, you will need to compile the software, and will also need the source to the OFFIS DCMTK

Then grab the documents appropriate to your actor.
Actor Document Location Modified
Image Display imgdisplay_testplan.doc documents.zip 2004.01.29
Image Display imgdisplay_testcases.zip Folder 2004.01.29
Image Display gsdf_lum.xls documents.zip 2004.01.29
Image Display imgdisplay_gsdf.zip Folder 2004.01.29
Image Creator/Modality imgcreator_testplan.doc documents.zip 2004.01.29
Print Server printscp_testplan.doc documents.zip 2004.01.29
Print Server printscp_testcases.zip Folder 2004.01.29
Print Server gsdf_od.xls documents.zip 2004.01.29
Print Composer printscu_testplan.doc documents.zip 2004.01.29
Background / photometer / densitometer calib_tools.doc documents.zip 2004.01.29
All / DICOMScope Users Manual dsum360.pdf documents.zip 2004.01.29
All / DICOMScope Conformance Statement dscs360.pdf documents.zip 2004.01.29

If you are interested in a photometer or densitometer, look at the calibration tools document  calib_tools.doc .

For an overview paper describing display consistency and the DICOMScope tools, see http://dicom.offis.de/dscope.php.de