MESA Software Release: Public Version

Test Software for the 2011-2012 Cycle for Cardiology, Eye Care, ITI, Radiology

Version 15.0.0: 18-Oct-2011

Welcome to the MESA software distribution page.  The tools are roughly divided into these categories:

MIR Tools for IHE Actors

Highly Recommended for the 2011-2012 Testing Cycle

Use the VMware image if possible. This has all of the MIR MESA software and data sets you need for testing. The database is installed and configured.

Operating System

Installation Type

Files You Will Need


VMware / Ubuntu VMware mesa_install_vmware.pdf

Install from Binary: Only Do This if You Have Used This Method Previously

  1. Select/install the software for your environment
  2. Install storage files if needed for your tests

Operating System

Installation Type

Files You Will Need


Debian Linux (Intel, 5.0, Postgres 8.3.8) Precompiled Unix Binary
Debian Linux (Intel, 4.0, Postgres 7.4.17) Precompiled Unix Binary
CentOS Linux (Intel, 5, Postgres 8.4) Precompiled Unix Binary
Red Hat Fedora 5 (Intel) Precompiled Unix Binary
Red Hat Fedora 5 (Intel) Postgres that we use  

Windows XP / SQL Server 2005 Expres

Windows XP / SQL Server 2008 Express

Windows 7 Enterprise / SQL 2008



DLLs for Visual Studio 2005:

Windows Binary
Windows XP / SQL Server 2005 Express Precompiled The SQL 2008 version above should work  
All Source Code

From Source

Storage Files

The MESA software relies on data files which are stored in a separate directory.  This is described in the Installation Guide.  The MESA_STORAGE files are a collection of images (CR, CT, MR, ...) used as the inputs for various tests of integrated workflow. These are different from the images and presentation states used to test display consistency.

File Domain(s) Description Card, Eye Care, Rad, ITI Needed by all domains listed Radiology Only for Mammography tests
irwf-20080303.iso Rad

ISO of CD for IRWF tests

IRWF-FUSION-2006 CD Rad zip file of the IRWF test set

PDI Test Software (RSNA 2005)

Northwestern now maintains the PDI source code, binaries and documentation on their server. That means you will be able to retrieve the latest version of PDI test tools from

Visualization Tools

The test tools for softcopy/hardcopy consistency were developed under contract with O-Tech, Kuratorium OFFIS e. V., and the Institute for Microtherapy.  The test tools and test plans are found on the Software Consistency Page.

OFFIS may have newer versions of the DICOMScope tool. The OFFIS DICOM URL is